Hné/axla/olboga nuddari með mörgum aðgerðum


Powerful vibration massage and heat therapy to help reduce joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling from your knees, shoulders, arms, and legs.
✅Help relieve knee pains associated with chronic arthritis
✅Aid in knee injury or surgery recovery
✅Leg or arm muscle fatigue soreness, cramps relief
✅Keep knee warm in cold weather
✅Relieve Joint swelling from your knees, and arms

Help to restore knee vitality and relieve knee soreness with
Infrared and laser lights inside.

Large Capacity Battery for Long Run Time,Wireless Use to Enjoy Comfort
USB charging, and one time full chage to be used for over 10 days.

Large Size of LED Screen, Easy to Operate
Just one touch to start the cozy massage, and every touch will be
accompaniedby beep remind which makes the elder use easily.

Massage on shoulder and elbow



3 infrarauðir laser geislar með heitum carbon þrýstingi

hiti 40-45 gráður

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