Deluxe Reusable Hot/Cold Hita og kælipoki Gel Pack | Multiple Applications for Muscle, Joint Pain, Sinus Relief


kemur 29 april 2021

Hita/Kæligelið er hannað til að minnka verki, draga úr bólgum og létta á vöðvakrömpum. Hentar vel til að hlúa að meiðslum og koma í veg fyrir meiðsli. Margnota gel pokar (12.7 x 25.4cm): Dregur úr verkjum, bólgum, marblettum. Eru meðfærilegir þó þeir séu frosnir.

Pokarnir þola að fara í örbylgjuofn, eru endurnýtanlegir

Usage: To heat, microwave or boil to obtain hot therapy.
To obtain cold therapy, freeze for at least one hour.
It can reach high of 140°F and low of 10°F, and maintain therapy for approximately 30 minutes.
Characteristic: Can be reused either for cold or hot.  Remains soft and pliable after freezing.
Cleans easily with soap and water.

*FIRE & ICE HOT COLD PACKS provide cool relief to soothe shoulder pain, bruised and scraped knees, tired eyes, persistent sinus headache, a swelling wrist or ankle, tender cheeks after dental work and so much more.
*GRAB-AND-GO CONVENIENCE: keep a few of these formfitting gel pads in the freezer for immediate use when you need an ice pack.
*THERMAL THERAPY: whether used as a hand warmer for your pocket on a cold winter day, or a bit of warm compression for an overworked, sore muscle, Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs provide fast, convenient warmth after only seconds in the microwave
*KEEPING IT COOL: stuff an ice cold gel pack in a lunch box to keep food fresh and cool all day. They make great freezer packs for lunch bags and boxes, as well as coolers when out on a trip to the beach or a weekend in the woods. Throw several frozen packs in the cooler, and away you go! No more messy ice cubes.
*SOOTHING GEL: each pack is filled with our non-toxic gel solution which can easily freeze or quickly heat up for all your home food and nursing needs, whether it’s a chicken salad sandwich in your lunchbox or a child with a black eye or hurt knee.

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